Recently, we decided to get back into hogs.  We were receiving numerous requests for hogs since customers were getting all their other meat from us, that we decided it was  time to get back into it.  We purchased some Duroc breeding stock, and imported Red Wattles from Texas.

Because of our wet weather, we raise only hair breeds of sheep.  We have a hodge podge of hair sheep breeds on the ranch.  Most recently, we imported some purebred Dorper sheep into our operation to improve overall carcass quality.  Their ability to 'make meat' is superb, and they tolerate our wet weather well.  We sell our sheep to Hawaii based markets both directly from the farm or processed and packed.

Our goat herd consists of locally born goats whose genetics are Hawaii based as well as imported livestock from the US Mainland.  In 2012, we imported 230 head of goats from Oregon, mainly Boer composite bloodlines.  At that time, we also imported some Spanish genetics from Montana.  We realized that those Spanish genetics worked really well in our wet climate, and in 2014, we went back to the same breeder and imported 30-100% Spanish and Spanish Composite goats.  We are really excited about what these Spanish goats will do for our herd. 

Double "D" Ranch raises mainly Brangus and Angus Composite cattle.  They seem to do well in our wet environment that in some years can see over 100 inches of annual rainfall.  Annually, we retain at least 120 head of cattle for our grass-fed beef program.  All other weaned calves are sold to local buyers destined for the US Mainland, or for local people who want stock.






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